Rules & Regulations - Sant Baba Ranjeet Singh Public Sen. Sec. School, Mullowal

Awarded Distt. Sangrur Best Public School

#                         Discipline is an important factor in the building up of character. Pupils, while coming to school and returning home from school, are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that they will be a credit to both their families and their school.

#         Our day begins with an Assembly, the most sacred part of our time table. Children should be on time to share in this precious moment. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home tasks, disrespect and disobedience towards teachers and other members of the school staff, stealing or bad moral influence justify dismissal.

#         Pupils who are suffering from contagious or infectious diseases may not attend school. Those who have had any such disease must furnish a medical fitness certificate before they are allowed to rejoin classes. Every student should carry the school diary with her/him every day.

#         Students are not allowed to tear any page from the school diary.

#         Parents should see that the student doesn't scribble or dirty the school diary. Parent must open the diary everyday to see if there is any information / notice / remark from the teacher and must duly sign it.

#         Students will not be allowed to leave school before the school hours, except in case of real necessity, in which case prior permission of the Principal should be obtained by parents / guardians in writing.

#         It may please be noted that children will not be sent home in an emergency with any person other than the parent/ guardian during school hours without a written request from the parent or guardian.

#         No student should scratch or spoil the furniture or draw or write on the walls. Pupils who damage school property will be obliged to make good the damage done by them.

#         Pupils have to participate when school programmes are being arranged. Participation in such programmes will be deemed compulsory by the school.

#         On class days, Parent Teacher Meeting and at school functions, the school uniform must be worn. students must come to school clean and tidy every day, with clothes brushed and shoes in good state brushed and polished.

#         Pupils who come to school improperly dressed and who appear generally untidy will not be allowed to join classes until they conform to school regulations on dress and neatness.

#         Students on their way to and from the school are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Any boy/girl who fails to conform to the accepted traditional and conventional standards of conduct, especially when in school uniform, exposes himself to the danger of immediate and compulsory withdrawal from the school.

#         To ensure proper discipline, pink, grey and white card system is introduced. For minor breach of discipline a pink card and for major one's grey card is given. Three pink cards are equivalent to one grey card. These cards are cumulative.

#         A student who possesses a grey card will neither be allowed to take part in any school functions like annual function, cultural programmes, election of office bearers etc. nor to represent the school in outside activities.

#         A holder of three grey cards will have to leave the school.

#         A white card is given for outstanding meritorious deeds.

#         Those who fail to bring a leave letter on the day of their rejoining classes, after a period of absence, will not be allowed to attend the classes until they furnish the required letter.

#         Students are not allowed to bring to the school, Mobile, magazines, books, CDs, Video cassettes or any other.



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